Travel5 Mind-Blowing Corporate Retreats

5 Mind-Blowing Corporate Retreats

For numerous staff, corporate retreats are horrible!. And for good reason: in a bad corporate hideaway, you could end up singing Kumbaya in the trees with your manager or falling into the hands of an employee to scream “building trust.” But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this location, We have protected some attractions that provide a truly amazing setting for business vacations. Your schedule may still be in your boss’ hands, but at this kind the attractions might create the possibility of having the ability to force in such entertainment.

Best Corporate Retreats for…

An AIG-Style Luxury Bash

Hotel: St. Royal Monarch Beach, Orange County

St. Royal Monarch Beach, where AIG expended over $ 7, thousands on sport payments by myself for their ceo hideaway in 2008.

If you’re in the mood for a club of 2008 go ahead, stare no further than the St. John’s Palace. Royal Monarch Beach. The above is a high-end hotel for which AIG apparently expended over $ 400,000 on a ceo hideaway — less than a week after the government’s $ 85 billion recapitalisation of the business. (The fee included over $ 23,1000 spa treatments; we assume that the directors had a lot of de-stressing to do after their business nearly went down the toilet.) But, hello, The twice are a changin’ and 2012 has seen the back of luxury corporate retreats. Yes go on, and celebrate that your company is no longer experiencing immediate tragedy (we hope). With a gorgeous 18-hole course!, ocean-view golf course, Six tennis courts, a famous bath, an excellent business center with teleconferencing technology, and a high tech boardroom, It is the ideal setting for an indulgent business retreat.

Building a Team (On a Rope Course, of Course)

Hotel: Hope Lake Lodge, Finger Lakes

Hope Lake Lodge, aerobics involves zip-lining and bungee jumping.

You may not be able to avoid team building aerobics completely, but if you happen to do them, you can do them right. Hope Lake Lodge in the Finger Lakes area of New York is located across the street from Greek Peak journey center, the, which includes a team challenge scaffolding program specifically geared to team bonding. We don’t know about you, We think zip-lining and bungee noise are more entertainment than falling into someone’s hands. Plus, Hope Lake Lodge has two on-site venues and works from the proximity of the Acropolis Conference Center, that could meet nearly 1 demand, 1000 people will be sure to hold meetings after the exterior entertainment is done.

Health and Wellness

The Hotel: Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa Miami Beach

The Corporate resort at Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa Miami Beach includes team building and exercise meetings or wellness studio.

Does your receptionist have weight loss contests and a restaurant full of Kashi? Maybe your company is in the health industry (Your receptionist may have a restaurant full of sushi, very difficult). Yes if that’s the example, the Canyon Ranch in Miami Beach is a natural h2 [Ed. Memories: Get it!? We couldn’t sustain ourselves.] option for your corporate event. (Although we think all stressed-out staff can enjoy the resort’s world-renowned spa.) Corporate hideaway boxes include the option of a team building exercise meeting or a personal wellness studio, and a wholesome foodie buffet, breakfast, and refreshments for the team. For those of you who opted for pampered living;, peaceful location suited for small business activities of 30 or smaller.

Hiking in the Desert!

The Hotel: L ‘Auberge una Sedona

L ‘Auberge una Sedona can plan teamwork excursions including trips through the red rocks.

Sedona’s natural red stones and forest-meets-desert landscape have created it a station for shamans and performers, but it’s also a place to relax, where the staff can get creative. L ‘Auberge una Sedona creates the most out of your setup, with the gorgeous Oak Creek operating underneath sketchy plants and Sedona’s rising red rocks untouched in the history. 87 bedrooms and woodsy cabins spread over 11 acres, allowing visitors to be anonymous, and most come with cottages and personal boards. The hotel has three floors, 500 square feet of conference room and can accommodate groups of up to 175 people; it can also plan teamwork excursions including outings through the red rocks, fishing, excursions to the Grand Canyon, and much more.

Camping in the Jungle

The Hotel: Macal River Camp at Chaa Creek, Belize

The Macal River Camp at Chaa Creek has afternoon braziers and a distant jungle setup.

If your company thinks the best way to connect is to get in touch, whereupon, attempted recommending something a little unique than the classic camping trip. The budget-friendly Macal River Camp at Chaa Creek takes camping to The whole new level — especially when it’s winter, the “Glamping” (interpretation: luxury camping) standards. Visitors remain in huts lit only by the flashing light of a lamp at dinner, and it can fall asleep to a singing of backpass lemurs and insects. Here is an evening campfire with delicious cooking — so while we can’t stop your manager from chanting Kumbaya, we’ll sing around a big fire, you could do it in Belize. The camp is located on The grounds of The elegant Lodge at Chaa Creek, The hotel has a conference center that can accommodate up to 100 people. Camp visitors have access to includes such as the bath.


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