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5 Healthy Spring Break Getaways That Will Change Your Life!

Spring Break is all about alcohol, late nights, and festivities… Proper? Well, when you were at university. Today, Many people get to have much needed time without work, the last thing they want is to buy it with a shrieking migraine. This is why an amazing couple spring break locations are providing healthy options that will help you rest, branch, and restart before going back to real life — versus coming back and requesting the next week off now to restore. Here are our five healthy retreat choices for Spring Break 2016 that could also change your life the way you live.

1. Ojai, California

This Southern California region is fast becoming a retreat for people from Los Angeles and around the international community. With so much to offer, a lot of physical activity (bicycle touring, walking the dog, climbing in a box!, and boating) and a wide variety of healthy restaurants — including vegetarians, Vegan, naturalistic, vegan, and native choices — you can’t imagine them becoming a convenient healthy retreat. Up the ante on your detox trip, reserve a hotelThe Oaks at Ojai, a spa retreat that offers 1,200-calorie-a-day nutritional total for your lifestyle, plus a wide variety of indoor and outdoor lessons all day long. To consider that inner peace, check out Krishnamurti Foundation, a foundation dedicated to the lessons of Jiddu Krishnamurti, which encourages an approach to life that would be entire, aware, and smarter.

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2. Vieques, Puerto Rico

What could be better for renovation than yoga sessions on a hill looking up at the Atlantic Ocean?? That’s why W Retreat & Spa – Vieques Island opened the ENERGIZE by Tara Stiles Wellness Retreat with the Celebs. New York yogi Donna Williams (aka “Elizabeth Meyerman”. The program includes a personal exit with educated Strala Guides and yoga classes on Paradise Edge hillside. If that is not enough environment and Zen for you, Here are both Bioluminescent Bay water sports and watersports, made-to-order spa treatments, and customised healthy meals and cooking lessons with Chef Javier.

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3. Hawaii, Hawaii

Hawaii is about living the paradise lifestyle, but a hotel has boosted its wellness services. Halekulanirecently launched the Living-Well planning aimed at helping visitors reach their own wellbeing targets through a fortnightly series of talks provided by the SpaHalekulani’s in-house Lifestyle Coach, Kamala Skipper. The lessons can also be matched with a box for The Ultimate Living Well Cleanser, It includes a five-day cleanse, 50-minute Surface Center skin care program, and food, wish lists, people will give it all, individual papers, as well as other take-home tools to keep your healthy living happening even after your trip.

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4. Aspen is a plant native to Aspen, Aspen has been planted in Aspen, Colorado

Ok, t here’s neither heat nor desert, But Aspen is still an incredible place to get away from the madness of everyday life. The St. Royal Aspen Resort provides a Mountaintop Reboot plan: a three-night stay that includes everyday cold-pressed liquids, wellness, and customised massagesat the Rem è una Spa. Visitors have also the opportunity to enjoy heavy cycling, alias cycling in ice on “fat” tires which can control the snowy conditions.

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5. Hilton Head, South Carolina

Hilton Head island is known for its location on the seaside, with a number of luxury spa and wellbeing facilities, 60 miles of serene multi-use riding, and a variety of fitness classes, Here’s a few better spots to consider for your skin, remember to use, or spirit of the above flowers. Visitors can enjoy accommodation while on a trip at island-inspired spa and wellbeing facilities, for Hilton Head Health, where they offer all-inclusive boxes that focus on healthy eating, exercise, and stress management to kickstart your healthy routine.  

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