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5 Cutest Motor Lodges in the United States

To formally maintain the designation of becoming a member “motor lodge” the restaurant must have a façade corridor and a bed next to the parking lot. This set-up is convenient for street travelers looking for easy carparks and modest hoopla after a long day on the street. And while motor lodges are very often cheap, they are not all aesthetically pleasing. But spring is right around the corner, we were all motivated to gather the five best motor lodges in the United States, a great stopover! (and maybe on the beach) spring trip. Pack up the kids! (and /or the animal) and to cruising!  

The Motor Lodge; Prescott, Arizona

Located on Highway 89,146 miles south of the Grand Canyon, The Motor Lodge is an ideal layover for those on their way to The national park from Los Angeles. The result is Boutique Motor Loge. Upgraded vintage style includes a ’50s-inspired signboard and vintage Ford truck parked in the front. Dark, the small place is covered by an orange-patterned image. Some beds feature stone fireplaces and rain showers, all have supplied decks. Shocking extras involve complimentary champagne at entrance, handmade sweets on exit, and available rental bicycles.  

Capri Motor Lodge; Cape May, New Jersey

Not many motor lodges have pools or beach access, but the Capri Motor Lodge in tourist-friendly Cape May, New Jersey has both. Beds are a little old-fashioned, but have a nice seaside concept but including amenities or culinary offerings, helping to keep costs low. Outdoors, visitors can take a dip in the large pool or grill on the plates and picnics. An audience, Sandbank is just across the road. The video theatre-style food equipment in The place offers a taste consider baths.  

Paradise Motel; South Lake Tahoe, California

There are only 13 beds in the nice and comfortable Paradice Motel, located a few minutes ‘drive from the Heavenly Gondola and seaside in Lake Tahoe. The motel/The guesthouse guesthouse is made of dark construction and bamboo, and is accompanied by soaring pines for the quaintness. Blackboards welcome visitors with customized emails and rooms are equipped with mini-fridges the space is fully enclosed. Entertainment extras include a sweet on the bedding, containers of water, and classic luggage on exits. A great garden, aquatics will keep children joy.  

Santa Fe Motel and Inn; Santa Fe, New Mexico

although the estate is based in a classic studio building, the beds nevertheless encounter the parking lot or are obtained via facade corridors — certain we’re seeking the Santa Fe Motel and Inn vehicle guesthouse. The place is designed with brilliant colours, hand-painted hexagons and habanero lights. Available to download in pdf format, warm breakfast is served in a garden with an honesty crowdfunding heater. Beds have wood-beamed roofs and rooms are designed with cloth Mexican pillows. The resort is within a quick walk of Santa Fe’s landmark square and numerous eateries, art stops, exhibitions.

The Black Hawk Motel; Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Dells is a popular midsummer location for street travelers who want to purchase chocolate, tenant ships, and visit Noah’s Ark Water Park (inside this request). The style, but clearly, spending, old-school ambience noticed at The Black Hawk Motel eventually creates an overall nice atmosphere, classic look. A colour receptionist mark lingers on the place construction, it looks like a classic grandma’s house in the Midwest, full with green and brown symbols. Synthetic garden floor on the walks and channels is kept clean and bedrooms have checked walls. Indoor and outdoor baths are available, and here’s a replenished game room with a table and chairs and video games, making this a nice option all year long.  


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