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3 Places to Get into the Holidays in San Francisco!

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Though we don’t have to see what’s ice on ice now, San Franciscans enjoy the holiday season with pleasure. Our preferred presents may be shiny new iPhones rather than shiny new snowmobiles, but we know where to find some of those classic Christmas souls.

Union Square: The center of San Francisco Christmas weather, Union Square highlights clubs by the hundreds. A huge Christmas tree was lit The day after Thanksgiving. Children love to play and dream in the massive Disney store, whereas their family could recommend the more grown-up games in the Tiffany ‘s, Macy’ s, Saks, and dozens of all other stores are in the Square and covering buildings. Saabs of resorts call Union Square — can you protect up for buying, Get a Hotel at the Hotel Rex or the Handlery Hotel.

The Great Dickens Christmas Fair: Whether you turn into music at Fezziwig’s facility or take massive Tea at Cuthbert’s Tea Shoppe, come join us and have a chat, let the Victorian clothes and nice sights of Charles Dickens ‘cheerful old England clean you into a dream vacation globe. Kept yearly in the Cow Palace, The Dickens Fair catches the landmark soul of the holidays — luckily without the iron smell or windy nutmegy of the true 19th century London.

Embarcadero Center Ice Rink: Giving San Franciscans a hint of cold in a different climate, the annual ice skating rink at Embarcadero Center livens up the generally-remaining Financial District. Parents and children flock to the ice during the days, Youths and love partners recommend freestyle under the stars — particularly Monday through Thursday when skateboarding after 6 p. M. M. Is it available? Is it. You won’t work for the benefit of night skateboarding to charge for a hotel at Le Meridien, but even if you’re now spending so much money on the luxury hotel in the EC, be sure to hit the rink.

–Liz Hamill Scott of EatsWritesandLeaves and TravelsWithPain


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