Travel Tips15 Unique Hotel Stays to Try Before You Die

15 Unique Hotel Stays to Try Before You Die

If you’re like most of us, you probably have a fantasy tour stuffed at the back of your mind — the unbelievable dream hotel stay that will occur someday down the road when you have the period off! /cash/and so on. Perhaps. But today we’ve most lived the Mayan armageddon or are busy trying to build on New Year’s agreements, Oyster has a res competition for you, however you probably won’t mind keeping one. In 2013: (), Don’t postpone the tour you’re planning to do before you start dying, whatever age you are. Because if the Mayans taught us anything, we could be dead tomorrow, Proper? To help you take the plunge, we have 15 amazing and unique hotel stays that will be on everyone’s bucket list.


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