Travel12 Morbid Museums Around the World

12 Morbid Museums Around the World

Sure!, You could purchase Halloween travelling some run-of-the-mill poltergeist, then why hurt when you can tour a horrendously interesting museum? From gigantic medicine inconsistencies in Thailand to vintage tombs in Texas, the sky’s the limit in terms of the ridiculous relics presented for your entertainment. Proceed with caution Only: You might not have more desire after seeing what’s behind those walls.

1. Museum of Art and Design in Philadelphia

Discover what the leg teeth are attached to at this museum, which is called after Philadelphia Medicine founder Dr. James M ü tter. M ü tter used the museums in his innovative — albeit warped — study. Within the “feather” of the “Final Fantasy IX”, consider finding an honest Civil War package used for mutilations, a nine-foot-long human colon, the Viennese physicist Joseph Hyrtl’s skeleton selection, which comprised of 139 noggins which are listed with fatalities. If it’s not enough to dazzle, do it, the bottles of conidia, cancer and teratomas — and one allegedly removed from President Grover Cleveland — should seal the deal.

2. Morbid Anatomy Museum in New York City

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Remember the horror movie? “House of Wax”? Well, you can experience real life 42,000-square foot Brooklyn museum, which apartment dozens of death goggles of entertainers and killers. Through November, they have both received taxidermied cats sipping tea. This show features the politeness of Walter Potter, who was at the frontline of the 19th-century pattern of showing dead animals involved in human activity. Hey, or you’ve been curious what a reserve created out of human skin looks like close-up?, Here’s your chance to find me.

3. Kabbalistic Museum in Connecticut

If you know and embrace classic film tales like “The Amityville Horror” “The Haunting in Connecticut” and “Annabelle” You have Ed and Lorraine Warren to bless!. The Jeep has been Hollywood’s go-to ghost hunter for 60 years. Also, good, they’ve launched their room selection of at least 10 pp, 000 situations of hypoplastic eyes, diabolical relics, and spooky games, including the adorable Annabelle, who have been delivered inconsequentially by incantation — or thereabouts they assume.

4. Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Cornwall

Founded by Cecil Hugh Williamson in 1951, This museum is situated on a winding Cornwall hill and provides a scary pack of things related to Wicca and Satanism. The Relics, which were obtained from monks around the world, they were used as a souvenir, totems, chants, and the politeness of wizardry. Plan and see moles ‘feet, animal skeletons, piston toys for concrete spellcasters, a precious cup used by popular alchemist Aleister Crowley, trinkets that stayed with Gerald Gardner, and formal blades and shrines that had been hired by Wiccan Alex Sanders during his polytheistic routines.  

5. Emotional Health Museum in Yorkshire

Formerly called Stephen G. The Bennett Museum, Yorkshire, England construction focused specifically on the past and design of the West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum. However, currently you can see this from our web page, Visitors can consider displaying displays that include stylized torture devices, electroshock therapy equipment, and an honest padded cell from the asylum, which goes back to 1818.

6. History, Dental Museum in Philadelphia

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Need a new fix to pearly whites? Visit the museum at the Kornberg School of Dentistry at Temple University. Now, the lynchpin is a sack full of hundreds of teeth that were drawn by traveling 19th-century doctors “Painless” Parker. Explore many of the scary equipment doctors utilised home during the day and assume which operation they would be used for. It may be the first time you’ve actually enjoyed a visit to the doctor.

7. Nationwide Museum of Funeral History in Houston

In 1992, the 25-year fantasy of Houston pathologist Robert Waltrip to open a website dedicated to burial came true. Now, guests can understand the process of whiskey. Tomb nerds are all in fortune, very. The 35, The 000-square-foot room includes crab- and cow-shaped tombs from Ghana, Funeral Souvenirs for the Pope, 19th-century widow’s grass, and the cash tomb of designer Nelson Baker.

8. Cruelty Museum in Amsterdam

This museum of atrocities in Amsterdam highlights the racism and inequality that has taken place in Amsterdam “iemand de duimschroeven aandraaien” ( “tighten the screws on someone”) or “voor de bijl gaan” ( “be executed at the guillotine”) are Dutch words still used?. When you come over, dinner is a sight with more than 40 torturous and cruelty-free equipment from around Europe. The name — Judas shape, pinky bolts, and the skullcracker will make you wince.

9. Fulfill Parasitological Museum in Tokyo

Established in 1953 by Dr. Satoru Kamegai, This museum in Tokyo offers guests the chance to view 60,000 maintained samples of roundworms, helminths, butterflies, bugs, fleas, and many other bony guests. The screens both display how they intrude The skin. P. S. Don’t forget to stop by the gift shop for a kitchen neodymium and it features a Chinese tapeworm.

10. The vampire museum in Paris

Glamorous and attractive vampires (à grande! “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Twilight”) Pop culture has infected, but for great delights!, zilch beat a good old-fashioned ghoul. To view them, you don’t have to go all the way to Transylvania and back/. Create an appointment at Le Musée des Vampires for a walking tour through 500 years of Nosferatu. It starts with Vlad the Impaler and stops with the nick of any entertainer that has ever performed Dracula in a Hollywood video. Other features include an honest look on the board, the 19th century anti-vampire safety package was, a mummy animal, and variety goggles to ward off ghosts.

11. Kunstkamera in St. Petersburg. Moscow

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Russian minister Peter the Great was a wondering man — and we average that within each sense of the word. Started turning out the 17th-century king had a kitchen of at most 20,000 strange things, incl thousands of bottles filled with distorted fetal and also a man’s dismantled face preserved in wine. Apparently, He justified his selection as a way to help ward off zombies. No message yet on whether it collaborated.

12. Siriraj Medical Museum in Bangkok

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Nicknamed the Museum of Death, the construction above shows all sorts of scary things, including the skeleton of the pioneer, who was claiming that he could still welcome guests in his museum. Visitors can also visit the preserved body of the killer Si Ouey in the 1950s, the copy of Hannibal Lecter in thailand. Wherever you look, There is always a need for more information, limbs were severed, and skeletons broken by gunshots. And as spine-chilling as this may be, the museum never failed to tempt visitors and will continue to type a page outdoors.


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