Travel11 Crazy Laws You Should Know Before You Travel

11 Crazy Laws You Should Know Before You Travel

Travel can be an amazing liberating experience, and it doesn’t mean you have to do what you want. Visitors often consider themselves as having a relationship with residents or police forces because they are ignorant of laws or societal beliefs.

Better!, This can be disappointing. Great experience!!!, Criminal Law Enforcement. Shifting into rest method is important as most getaways, but don’t let it trigger you to miss out on vital information about your location. To create a must-not-do ranking as well as your to-do ranking. In some sites, chewing is illegal. Some, throwing your metro reservation around the law. Now there are some strange laws to watch out for.

Feeding Pigeons in Venice

Throwing millets on the Piazza San Marco in Venice may seem like a real hobby, Venice has banned the city’s huge bird community from feeding them. Some people eat animals too, but the act is punishable by a fine because pigeons are injured monuments and need to clean the.

Pigeons nesting on seed-throwing visitors used to be the square’s mark, however if you need to be on the city’s good side and avoid being farted on (even though it’s a good thing, unexpectedly unexpectedly, considered good fortune), opt for champagne on a balcony and stream the animals cutting around instead. So it feels extra attractive anyhow.


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