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11 Amazing Sights You Can Only See This Year!

Each year we find plenty of reasons to travel — like checking off bucket list locations and staying in a motel that really launched our trip. While most of these travel-to-dos can be completed in that year, There are some activities that are unique to 2016 only. From a strange butterfly migration and historic site celebrations to highly anticipated art holes, these are 11 amazing sights you can only see during the year.

1. The Rio Summer Olympics

Yes, the Summer Olympic games come once or every four years, but the 2016 election is sure to be a blow. Based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 5 to 21 August, the show is anticipated to draw thousands of fans. When you don’t watch your favorite sport, the city has more than enough side events to supply such as superb eateries, nightlife -, and exhibitions.

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2. The Monarch Butterfly Migration

Each year Monarch butterflies move south, but 2016 is about to become an unique year. More than four times as many butterflies are expected to pass through Michoacá n and Mexico, creating it a stunning location and seeing. ” [The goal is] 225 million monarch butterflies returning right here to Mexico every year” U. S. Room Secretary Sally Jewell advised the audienceMexico News Daily.

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3. The Opening of The Light City

Baltimore, Maryland could host a new intercontinental event and engage in action “Light City” which can be found in Charm City from March 28 to April 3. Paying tribute to the city’s historical significance as the first to light its roads with gas lamps, the first large-scale, an intercontinental light event in the U. S. S. Might Function with 28 Unique Creative Art Installations —located along an one-and-a-half mile beachfront painting move — from neighborhood, nationwide, and intercontinental performers, 50 live shows and 100 national concerts, most free.

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4. The Relocation of The Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market has been a mainstay for Tokyo locals and tourists alike. Begin as soon as 3 a. M. M, Anglers bring their snaps while sellers sell, Food-processing businesses, and large retail chains wait to make their purchases.Now after 81 years, The world’s biggest seafood market is set to move to its new location by March. Reserve a trip to become one of the only ones to step into the landmark market — perhaps one of the first on the fresh side!

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5. Shakespeare’s 400th Anniversary

2016 signals 400 years since Shakespeare’s death, it only makes sense to celebrate the great writer in a big way. King’s College London has arranged a concert program, Testing, concert venues, and Museums, which are slated for the full year. Visitors will also be able to see them from his will to some of his masterpiece games performed live.

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6. Transit of Mercury

Get around your observatories! Mercury transit across the Sun is about to occur on May 9 and there are A few key spots where you can get the best views of all this unique ethereal activity. While it can be seen in North and South America, West Europe, sub-Saharan Africa, the best sites involve west Morocco, the Canary Islands, and Chile’s Atacama sand. The next period was in.

7. Opening of The National Blues Museum

Music couples joy! Beginning in April, A new museum is opening in St. John’s. Charles, Missouri is dedicated to the past of Blues music. When the doors open, visitors will be treated to interactive technology and artifact-driven displays, a cinema, special event rooms, and much more.

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8. The Copa America Centenario

If you can’t wait until 2018 for the next World Cup!, you have a fortune. This June football fans can absorb the Copa America Centenario, the centenary of the South American game. Rewards: the game was really being kept in the United States for the first period. Sixteen teams will play at 10 places all around the state including towns like Boston and San Francisco.  

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9. The Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

7 December, 2016 highlights 75 years since the Japanese targeted Pearl Harbor. This massive wi-fi activity was the spark to engage the United States in World War II the, It was one of the most important moments in the country’s history. Sign this special anniversary, the National WWII Museum has a week of events from December 1st to December 8th in Hawaii. You can book a pre-planned tour for about 9 people, 000, which includes a four-part conference curated by hetoriography and special access to the wedding at the USS Arizona celebrating the strikes.

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10. The Centennial of Carmel by The Sea

If you have never been to this beautiful beach town, click here, 2016 is the year to do it. Carmel by the sea in Monterey County, California is celebrating its Centennial Anniversary this year with a year-long parade and festivities throughout the town. Activities involve Monterey Symphony musical events, painting carnival, winemakers ‘festive menu, history displays, lessons, and much more. The festival will be held in a Centennial Parade on Saturday, October 29.

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11. Namibian Giraffe Conservation

You see only (and just be an active part of the) the collaring of Namibian giraffe in the name of conservation in 2016. Country Walker Safarisa special once-in-a-lifetime experience for those who are eager to stay engaged in wildlife conservation in Africa. The nine-day trip to Namibia offers visitors The opportunity to participate actively in The protection of Africa’s natural beauty and wilderness on a special safari that concentrates on The sustainability of its important classical organisms.


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