Place Review10 Stunning Cemeteries To Die For

10 Stunning Cemeteries To Die For

We remember what you were thinking: cemeteries often don’t often have a place you want to go. (sorry for the joke.) They can be scary, bland, or run-down. There are a few cemeteries around the world that have been hauntingly beautiful with drop-dead beautiful views and museum-worthy art. From Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah to the seaside Waverly Cemetery in Australia, these are the 10 most interesting cemeteries in the world.  

1. Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah

This elegant Southern town is called one of its most spooky in the state, it is just a good idea to have a cemetery suitable for a tour. Savannah is located Only four kilometers from the city center, Bonaventure Cemetery has long been a stunning location with its moss-covered wood trails, and it was created more and more famous by the strike reserve “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” it is convenient to spend hours roaming the peaceful setting, sat ona view of the Wilmington River. And for aficionados, There’s plenty of other big names to check out for their song Johnny Mercer, along with remarkable Civil War leaders.  

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2. Vintage Granary Burying Ground, Boston

A walk through all this 17th century night is like walking through A history book the whole day. Thou not oversized, here are the most remarkable people of americaincl Paul Revere, John Hancock, Ben Franklin’s parents were, Mary Goose, Nathan Webb, and Samuel Adams — are hidden in some 2,345 tombs. Began in 1660, This cemetery is actually the second oldest in Boston, with King’s Chapel Burying Ground and Copp’s Hill Burying Ground attempting to take the first and second places respectively.

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3. Glen Cemetery; Bronx, NY

With 400 acres of hills, brilliant plants, and twisting trails, it feels more like a garden to those who have visited this cemetery. For over 150 years, The historic site has created a collection of over 120,000 objects, 300 shrines planned by legends, architects, and artists, it is the resting place for over 300,20,000 people. Standouts like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Miles Davis, Joseph Pulitzer, and Duke Ellington. Everything stops now. It is also the upstairs of the “Annie Bliss Titanic Memorial” all those who died in the disaster of 1912 were committed.

4. St Louis Cemetery, New Orleans

This cemetery is so opulent that it even motivated Mark Twain to write about it, if you’re looking for it “a city of the dead.” It is the oldest in the Big Easy and includes more than 40 above-ground burial sites, a finish with complex statues and opulent shrines. The location became more famous after it emerged in The 1969 Jack Nicholson movie “Easy Riders” creating it a must-see location for both film and video enthusiasts.

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5. Installing in Auburn Cemetery; Cambridge, MA

Situated just four miles from Boston is the first village cemetery in the United States, inbuilt 1831. Today a National Historic Landmark, It was created as an “experimental garden” you know it has to be pretty impressive. It’s upstairs opposite the Binney Monument from 1850, which is debated of being artist Thomas Crawford’s greatest work. If that’s not enough to attract you in the first place, the simple comfort of roaming around the grass, greenery, and gorgeous ponds certainly should.

6. Texas Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia

Just in the dark of the big city lights rests someone else village greenery cemetery, this one, built in 1850 as an alternative to the mainly packed and visibly unattractive cemeteries of every day. It had been increased to dump Civil War troops, making it a historic landmark, and has now become a sanctuary for city folk and also a backdrop for wedding photos.

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7. Waverley Cemetery; Bronte, Australia

Talk about the final resting place with an outlook! Opened in 1877, This cemetery is located on a cliff that overlooks the Tasman Sea. Walk around and look at the largely intact Victorian and Edwardian statues, and tombs among many notable Australians (including writer Henry Lawson and Australia’s first Prime Minister, Sir Edmund Barton) — and all the while looking to take in the countless wet opinions beneath.  

8. Providence Cemetery, Chicago, IA

Forget your classic memorial in this Victorian cemetery. Graceland’s statues are guaranteed treasures, most secured by a drink. And like the architectonic notable town for which it is located, these sites are viewed the “Cemetery of Architects.” It had been planned by the creative architects of the day and excursions were always driven by the Chicago Architectural Foundation.

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9. Hollywood Forever Cemetery: Los Angeles

A lot of folks might die to create it in Hollywood — but some undertook it. Created in 1899, Hollywood Forever became the option cemetery for many of Tinseltown’s superstars, and the location is now listed on the National Register of Historic Sites. Jack Ramone, Cecil B. DeMille, Jayne Mansfield, Rudolph Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks;, and many others rest in peace now.

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10. Lynn Hill Cemetery: Philadelphia

Overlooking the Schuylkill River, This Cemetery was built in 1836, andthe key ideas that went into creating it were that it had to be located in a gorgeous place outside the town to provide a fixed funeral room for the silent in a relaxing and peaceful setting. Almost 180 years later, and the location nevertheless provides exit. It is one of the few estates to be designated a National Historic Landmark.  

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