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10 Historic U. S. S. Sights You Have to Visit

The United States presidential election is a political event (Lastly) while many people are searching for their destiny, We are interested in past times. Usa may not have as storied a life as Europe or Asia, there are also thousands of monuments and places around the country that are suitable for attending. From man-made statues to natural wonders, We’ve gathered 10 historic sights around the U. S. S. That you have to take a look at.

1. Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D. C.

Here are no shortages of tourist sites in Washington, D. C, but the 1922-built Lincoln Memorial stands proud among the bag. The Building started in 1914 but was styled after the Parthenon in Greece. The impressive result is a 190-foot long wing, 120-foot wide, 99-foot-high building created with Colorado-Yule stone. Further up to the Lincoln statue seated, the interior rooms are engraved with texts of Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address and Gettysburg Address. Aside from demonstrating the significance of Lincoln’s presidency, the memorial also was the location of Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s exceptional! “I Have a Dream” presentation. The views of The Reflecting Pool and Washington Monument from The top of The Hill are just The cherry on top.  

2. Independence Hall, Philadelphia

If you are a fan of history, a trip to Philadelphia is a must. River Forge and Liberty Bell are certainly somewhere on the list of top sights, but Independence Hall is really the origins of the United States. It’s where famous figures such as John Adams can be found, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson joined the Declaration of Independence, accompanied by officials like Alexander Hamilton who joined the U. S. S. Law. Clear year-round exception to Christmas Day, The UNESCO World Heritage site is free to visit and it has a myriad of historical items on display.  


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