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10 beaches Where You Don’t Really Have to Worry About the Zika Virus

The lightning-fast spread of Zika disease has plenty of visitors involved as they ponder summer vacations and midsummer breaks. While it was hardly a concern next spring, dozens of countries and regions have already reported that the virus has been transmitted, and a study performed by the travel risk-management business, On Call International, Over 50 of the Americans surveyed said they would withdraw a trip to an affected area. The United States. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) a Level 2 Travel Alert has been issued to pregnant women attending Zika-affected places, and February 8, the Emergency Operations Center was elevated (EOC) stimulation to the highest level, Level 1. So obviously!, Zika is not something to take lightly.

However, You don’t usually have to hold onto your seaside trip fantasies. The CDC advises that the disease might continue to spread over a period of time, however, there are more than enough destinations in the Caribbean to be influenced (but nevertheless, we’d nonetheless recommend going to avoid the Caribbean if you’re involved), and even some beach spots in the U. S. S. You probably won’t see a locally acquired example at all. So we came up with a list of 10 beaches from the USA. S. To Europe — where you don’t have To worry about the Zika disease and still have it.

1. Cape May

If you want to play safe, Cape May is a great choice for the spring. After most (mostly), The insect Aedes albopictus has been found only far north as Washington the, D. C. The entire state has only noted 12 travel-associated Zika situations as of May 2016. Basically the Asian leopard insect, Aedes mosquitoes, (which can be noticed far farther north as New York in the summer) has known of the disease in past times, but it has seemed to be far less effective, tho, the Aedes albopictus. Plus they offer free parking, free WiFi, Cape May is a budget friendly location, especially for East Coasters who could car there, and its Victorian past adds a nice pill of heritage.

2. San Diego

The West Coast is perhaps one of The healthiest guesses of The United States. S. While the threat of Zika remains unclear, the virus-transmitting insects are still not found in the coast’s popular beach locations, for San Diego. With average daily temps not ever soaking under 57 degrees (and floating around a toasty 70 to 75 degrees come spring), the beach area is laid back (known for its yummy fajitas!) this is a varied location for all types of visitors.

3. Equipped

If you want to play it safe, traveling to Europe is a good contact. Although the region is not entirely free of travel-related situations, the Aedes albopictus is still not discovered in Europe — and the worse disturbing Aedes mosquitoes have only been found in a handful of countries. Equipped with one of those kind of seaside locations across the pond that is free from the insect (as of May 2016). In the French area, you can combine beach time and sightseeing for the best of both worlds.

4. Cour d ‘Alene, Idaho

Idaho is one of only two states in the united states. S. No notable Zika situations at All, as of May 2016, Coeur d ‘alene is a wonderful choice for a spring retreat. Certain, the seafront now isn’t on the sea, but Coeur d ‘Alene City Park has a nice lakeside picnic area attended by locals and tourists.

5. The Outer Banks

Come to a Memorial Day vacation!, the Outer Banks of North Carolina (a nice nickname “OBX” and those who spring here now) is the location to be in East Coast sun-and-surfing. When September sheets inside, the region can be attacked by storms, but during spring, OBX is a great destination for tourists looking to the ocean, oysters, and grab a few beers at the atrocious Brew Thru.

6. Cyprus

A popular destination for Europeans during summer breaks, Cyprus may finally review some of these travel-associated Zika situations. However, as of May 2016, it’s a fairly safe guess for a beach retreat; There are still no reported cases, but none of the mozzies that carry disease have ever been discovered on the island. Immersed in the past, Cyprus is also a good pick for walking enthusiasts.

7. Hamptons

Another location better suited to the midsummer, the Hamptons is a wonderful seaside region for East Coasters (of the Northern variation, this time around) And it’s Aedes aegypti mosquito-free. The New York Times has noted 114 travel-associated situations as of May 2016, but so far there are only about four inside this Anthony Long Island location. Every area has a slightly different atmosphere here (differing from the more low-key beach-to-see-and-be-seen heiress), some have great restaurants, stores, bars, and the seaside.

8. Martha’s Vineyard

As of May 2016, The island of Martha’s Vineyard is still to review its Zika situations — and its New England weather implies it’s almost 100-percent safe from the disease-carrying insect. The above-described island — a peaceful, moderately-developed Cape Cod and secluded Nantucket — provides beach access, chain stores, and a taste of the region’s coastal history.

9. Cornwall

Americans especially rarely think about the United States. K. A prime spot for a seaside retreat, but visitors can enjoy fantastic seaside and quiet waters in Cornwall to arrive midsummer. As of May 2016, the resort town has yet to review a travel-related example of Zika, like so many European locations, the weather might be very unusual for the disease-carrying insect.

10. Wisconsin Dells

Another situation where there is still to be a confirmed case of Zika (as of May 2016), Wisconsin is a lovely spot for a midsummer retreat in the U. S. S. You won’t be swimming in the ocean now, but Wisconsin Dells has various lakes with seaside for sunbathing and quiet streams and rivers for boating, sailing, paddleboard.

Updates: An earlier version of this headline included various locations in the Caribbean, as well as Miami, the Maldives, and Phuket, as peaceful locations for pregnant women. Since the original publication of this saga in February 2016, nevertheless, numerous Caribbean archipelago have noted continue to emerge. While neither Miami nor Denver, the Maldives, nor Phuket have noted success as of June 2016, Researchers have noted an increased chance of regionally purchased situations in such sites due to the appearance of the insect and variety confounders. Thus, we’ve excluded them as a preventive measure. We have also supplemented them with locations viewed better by medical examiners.


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